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Summer is here and everyone enjoys spending quality time outside of the office. But before you head out to a much-needed long weekend or vacation, here’s a few things we can help with:

1) Interior and exterior cleaning of windows. This is one area where seasonal landscaping and debris will gather and cause problems for workers well after allergy season is over. Make sure window cleaning is part of your program. Plus, nice weather calls for clean windows!

2) High-dusting and light fixtures. One area that is overlooked: light fixtures and high-surfaces and corners that gather dust and cobwebs. This area will require extra time (and a ladder) and so it may not be part of your routine program. Be sure to ask your cleaner to target these trouble areas before insects move in for good.  

3) Communication leads to consistency. When is an ideal time to talk with your cleaner to ensure that your program is still a good fit? Now is a good time! Just as seasons change, so can your cleaning needs. If you see areas being overlooked it may be the result of a miscommunication or change in needs. Communication will always lead to a consistent clean.

A Commitment with Every Clean We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality program to our clients during the first clean — and every clean after that. To learn more about how Clean Right Cleaning Solutions can improve your workplace, email me at .

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