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Summer is a busy season and so we thought it would be worth sharing a few summer shortcuts and cleaning tips: 

A few helpful shortcuts to make doing business easy:

  • Client Portal – Pay invoices, request work and review scope online!
  • Customer Support – Email [email protected] with questions and we’ll get back to you same day.   
  • One Call Does it all – We specialize in routine cleaning, floor, carpet and window cleaning. Let us know what you need.   

Seasonal office cleaning tips:  
A hot and humid summer season can be an ideal breeding ground for harmful microbes, germs, and molds on various surfaces. Below are various tips that will help you to maintain a clean and healthy workplace:

  • Clean Walls: Schedule a special service to remove debris, dust and marks on high-traffic walls. 
  • Carpet Cleaning: The carpet fiber can accumulate a huge amount dust mites and allergens, especially in the summer season. 
  • Deep Clean Cafeteria: An office cafeteria is a place where all employees have their meal, tea, coffee or snacks. Be sure that a seasonal deep cleaning takes place to maintain clean surfaces. 
  • Floor Care – Schedule an annual strip and wax to remove any wear and tear from the winter and fall season. Summer is an ideal time to enjoy a shiny refinished floor. 
  • Window Washing – Remove film and debris and enjoy the sunshine.  

The clean office can provide stress-free space and also increase the productivity of employees. The above-mentioned tips will help you to keep your workplace healthy and productive during summertime.

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