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When it comes to achieving happiness in the workplace – there’s no special sauce. Here’s few things you might want to try and benefit from when it comes to happiness in the workplace.

Help a Colleague
Helping others can make you happy, and don’t overthink it; you can simply grab a colleague their favorite beverage on your way back from getting a coffee. Or, hold the elevator or help on a special project.

Acknowledge Progress
Keep track of everything you do, and keep in mind that even small advances can lead to big gain. Before you start your workday, write down three small things you want to get it done. At the end of the day, go back and look at your list and acknowledge your progress.

Walk it Out
We’ve heard it before; exercise is one of the most dependable mood-boosters. Even a 10-minute walk can brighten your outlook. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes to walk-it off.

It sounds silly, but smiling is directly linked to happiness. It may have started as a correlation but, over time, the brain linked the two. Not sure? Try to smile (a great big smile) and not be happy. It’s impossible!

Limit Commitments
One of the most serious causes of work stress is failing to keep commitments. Organization can help you complete commitments. If your workload is exceeding your available time and energy, ask for help and resources. Keep things simple and don’t volunteer if you don’t have time.

A clean workplace also delivers big on being happy at work. It’s proven to boost performance and attitude. Here’s how Clean Right can help contribute to a happy workplace:

The Clean Right Double Check: We’re passionate about what we do AND value your business. That translates into a job well done and a clean you’ll notice. We employ supervisor checks for 1-2 punch.

Customer Focused. We’re laser-focused on your needs. We work to provide the best service, but if something is not up to snuff, we’ll address straight away and make corrections to get it right.

One-Call. We’re known for routine cleaning, but we also offer a host of Special Services. We receive High-Fives (also known as 5 Star Reviews) for our Floor, Carpet and Window programs. We’re you one call commercial cleaning resource and you can learn more here.

About Clean Right Cleaning Solutions: Clean Right is a local cleaning service specializing in office cleaning, commercial cleaning, refinishing floors, waxing floors and shampooing rugs. Our team is focused on quality results, customer service and competitive rates. Learn more about our services, request a quote

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