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Allergy season often means your cleaning service is on speed dial. If you’re not keeping up with routine cleaning (and sometimes bonus cleans), you might actually be paying the price during allergy season. Routine cleaning can help to avoid health issues that can lead to sick days for your employees — especially when it comes to allergy or flu season.

Many commercial cleaning services see an upswing in business during allergy season. That’s because it’s easy for even the smallest amount of dust, pollen, or dander to infiltrate your space and cause a chain reaction. Just by breathing, members of your staff who are prone to allergies could be falling ill. That means lowered productivity.

During these times, everyone has to be extra careful to make sure that they are not contaminating the workplace. With consistent cleaning, you get peace of mind in knowing that when seasonal issues come up, they will be handled quickly and with little or no disruption to your workplace.

How Your Commercial Cleaner Can Help
When dealing with allergy season, a quality cleaning service should be able to offer the services that help maintain a healthy space.

1) Interior and exterior cleaning of windows. This is one area where pollen can gather invisibly and cause problems for workers well after the allergy season is over. Make sure your cleaner can address your windows throughout the spring season.

2) Vacuum with HEPA filtration. It’s important that whatever is extracted from the carpets or floor is not blown back into the air because the vacuum doesn’t have the proper filtering capabilities. HEPA filtration can capture over 99% of particles like dust, pollen and mold.

If You’re Not Sure, Ask!
Lost productivity due to allergies can be severe. Of course, most people will tough it out and go to work–but lack of concentration and energy can take a toll. To learn how Clean Right Cleaning Solutions can help reduce allergens in your workplace, drop us a note. We’re happy to help.

About Clean Right Cleaning Solutions: Clean Right is a local cleaning service specializing in office cleaning, commercial cleaning, refinishing floors, waxing floors and shampooing rugs. Our team is focused on quality results, customer service and competitive rates. Learn more about our services, request a quote

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